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Mac software recommendations please...
I manage small educational projects for my organization (mainly eLearning development), and I'm working on my PMP certification. I use a Mac would like to purchase or subscribe to a non-cloud PMP/PMI software solution. I'm looking at Omniplan/Omnigraffle, Merlin, or ConceptDraw Office? I'd love advice. One specific desire is for the software to support deliverable-focused WBSs... not just task-focused WBSs.
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Steven, it sounds like you're already down the road on a solution.

If these are truly small projects, and you want a non-cloud solution, I recommend simply managing them in Sheets or Excel. Save your money.
Mikel, Thanks. I already use Excel/Word... Project Charters and WBSs are my two important outputs... Project Charters are no problem with MS Office, but WBS management with Excel is labor intensive for me... this may be due to my lack of Excel skills, but I've watched every Youtube video describing WBS production with MS Office tools.

My goal is to both streamline my WBS management and learn a new software app (for the sake of learning/curiosity). I'm trying to do my homework before I select the App... I don't want to choose a product that doesn't support PMBOK processes..
Steven. MS Project is very good for what you further described. Our team uses it on a daily basis.

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