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In a nutshell, what should be considered before choosing an agile approach?
The company I work for is just starting the path to apply agile at a corporate level. There is no agreement yet about what should make a project eligible to be managed using an agile approach in the final analysis. Some say the entire project portfolio, others are considering frameworks like Cynefin and Stacy Matrix to try to figure out crucial and objective criteria. So, I would appreciate your insights on this particular matter.
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I agree with Ashok and Kiron
In a nutshell, I view Agile as goal is known and solution is not known (or fuzzy) … and deliveries are incremental.

Considering the push is coming from corporate, I would recommend that there is a level-set on what Agile is and what Agile is not. This would help the organization get closer to consensus on where the Agile approach could be applied.
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