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How Do I Become an IT Project Manager

As a new CAPM, I've been exploring job descriptions of potential PM jobs that interest me and keep stumbling upon IT Project Management jobs. I've noticed different skills required/desired from ITIL V4 to Scrum Master to things I've never heard of.

My dream job (I think) is to become a project manager for intelligence management projects/cyber security projects in the DoD as protecting national security is extremely important for me. So I've been thinking that I need a better grasp on IT as a whole so I was looking at earning CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+, ITIL v4 Foundation as a good start. I may be overthinking this and am hoping to get some feedback from others in the field on where to begin. Thank you for any feedback.


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I forgot to add that I do plan on earning the PMP once I become eligible to take the exam per PMI's requirements. I hope to sit for that in the next few months once the exam has changed.
Hi Christopher,
You are thinking and planning in right way..
To do Excel in your career , from my point of view , we should follow our interest with appropriate plan .
For more details of courses training related to cyber security and ITIL V4 , you can check site.
Good Luck...

I would not go down the IT certification route. I would rather do general certificate (not certification) courses to skill up on my IT knowledge if it wasn't up to par. Typical 1-2 day stuff. 'Up to par' does not mean you have to be an SME i.e. DB Admin, network admin, etc. but just that you need to know a little bit more about IT than the average user. Sure more knowledge is always better but I'de rather spend that effort on improving soft skills.
Hi Chris

I think ITILV4 is good in terms of how IT Organisations operate in Service Strategy , Design , operations , transition , service improvement . It is still at quite a high level instead of delving into very technical jargon like an A+, or Security+ or Network+ .

I just searched or Cyber Security on Udemy as per Shadav's suggestion and there are some generic courses that you can do to get a good grasp on Cyber Security [You certainly don't need to go into doing CISSP or Ethical Hacking courses....just an overview would be good "

Some generic knowledge and information courses on DevOps and Cloud will not hurt as well like AWS fundamentals .

But PMP itself will give you a good Project Management Skillset on which you can build the IT ammunition .

You can do the Certified Scrum Master to get an Agile Flavour but that's agnostic of whether you are running IT Projects or any kind of Rapid Delivery projects .
You can take all kind of information technology training and certification. At the end of the day, it may not be enough to start you as an IT project manager.

You need to work in IT, in whatever role you can get. An ITIL certification is not a demonstration of your experience - unlike the PMP.

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