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In the near future will we see a change in organizations?
In the near future, we will see a change in organizations: from functional to structured to project?
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With Agile Project management, we have already become very near the customer and more functional than structured. And if this is the way, there will not be anymore rigid structural organisations in play.
Organizations are constantly evolving. Some more rapidly than others.
Luis -

Not necessarily as we could see value stream-focused organizations with long lived teams focusing on a specific product. I'd expect the most common structure to be a composite one with some areas remaining functional (e.g. HR) while others are matrix, product-oriented or project-oriented.

Projectized organizations is not necessarily the end-all be-all. In fact, it seems organizations are moving more towards agile than projectized. (I'm sure there is overlap between the two models.)
If you work with a lot of highly specialized technical people, purely projectized teams is very difficult to say the least. With some skills, there may be a small handful of people in an enterprise of 10s of thousands, and they support many projects.

Similarly, if there are certain specialties that only have minor involvement on a project, the budget usually can't absorb paying them full time for a very small contribution.
It would depend on where in the lifecycle of companies a specific company exists. That is, if the company is a start up then change is what a start up is all about as they have a specific product or service that they believe is better than there competitor and thus likely to change the marketplace that they are focusing on. If a company is more mature and in existence for a longer period, then processes, procedures and products have become bedded in to the companies structure. As a result the company would most likely have a research and development department that is responsible for innovation and implementing new ways of doing business. For much older companies they innovate by having the cash flow and resources to buy other companies that are better an innovating than themselves. So its not whether a company will change to implement change through Project Management Methodologies but how developed that company is in its marketplace.
Hard to say , probably depends of the business area, the vision of their leaders. While an organization stills delivers value to the customers and has profit probably do not see a reason to change. I am certain that we will see different models of organizations with a mix of management approaches , I believe that business hybrid organizations will grow in the future, with a mix of functional, agile, projectized and product oriented.
In my opinion, it mainly depends to the kind of business the company is working on. Large conservative companies will keep their functional structure. They're not fully efficient to projects but alllow executives full control.
On the other hand, consulting firms and new start-ups will have to work in a decentralized, project-oriented structure. It will be vital to their survival.
I agree with the general consensus that organizations are constantly evolving (or they should) but not necessarily into the same thing. Whatever shape an organization takes on depends on the industry, vision, and leadership. I personally do not believe that there is one single route that will lead to success.

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