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PM tool (in Gantt Chart) combined with actual time tracking (timesheets)
As a company, we would need to move away from our current PM and Resource Management Application (which also enables us to register actual hrs on project and task basis), because that application is working on Silverlight, and apparently Silverlight is no more supported by Microsoft.
We have started a search to see what other options we might have in the market. To my surprise, I have not yet come across any tool that combines the project management (preferably in Gantt Chart) with the actual time entered against project tasks. I see many applications, under the name of PM Tools, that run on a "task based" logic, but for us, the essential is to keep the 'project' concept in the system.
I was wondering if there is anyone in this group who has had a similar experience and can suggest any alternative tool.
Thanks a lot in advance,

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Hi Deniz,

Glad to know there's demand for this type of online tool. I'm in the early stages of developing a web app which would have these features, including a separate portal for project team members to login themselves and input their hours (with responsive web design, so they can use desktop, tablet or phone).

A production version won't be out for quite some time, but I thought you might like early access, to become a tester, provide feedback, etc. If so, please get in contact.

Kind regards.
More details are needed to suggest the most appropriate software.

MS Project Online, Work front, Write are just a few of the offerings available. Depending on the size of your organization, delivery methodology, industry the best option can be different.
Hey Peter,
Thanks a lot for your post! I am so surprised to see that this, I would assume, basic requirement for a project manager is so under prioritized in the market. It has been so difficult for me to imagine, that there is limited demand for this.
I would say, for a PM, it is crucial to see ONLINE and LIVE, how much of the budget of a project is consumed and how the resourcing looks like. Being able to follow up the project plan on a Gantt Chart is a great plus on top of these. From that perspective, I love the system we work with now, it is a shame we would have to leave it soon, just because Silverlight is no more supported by Microsoft. I also worked with the Microsoft Project, which is a great tool, yet it also misses the time sheets (actual hrs) information. I’ve come across in a forum somewhere on the internet, that somebody had a customized solution where they use ‘Microsoft Projects integrated with Resourcing Tool’, not sure what this exactly means, and how it is done, yet it rang a bell that maybe Microsoft might be interested in investing in a customized solution. Or invest in your solution :)
I would be happy to be one of your ginnie pigs, as this is also a personal interest for me :) Yet I am not sure how much my company (Milieu) would be in favor of it; the timeline you could promise and the communication plan we can set to bridge the gap we geographically seem to have in between, would be the key players in their decision making :)

Hope to hear more from you,

Have a great week,
Hi Deniz,

It surprises me too. I can only pin it down to not enough developers being familiar with Javascript frameworks that allow you to replicate desktop user interfaces. The general look and feel I'm intending will be a bit of a mixture of MS Project, ProjectLibre and Gnome Planner, but as a SaaS website.

Yep, totally in agreement that it's not nearly ready enough to base corporate plans on yet. It's just nice to have feedback from a potential user :)
Hi Deniz, MS Project Standard (desktop application) is only designed for the PM. MS Project Online fully supports time entries down to the task level and will automatically update to reflect information on your project Gantt views to display progress compared to baselines.

1. What is the size of your organization?
2. How many users will be using this system?
3. How mature are your PM practices?
4. Do you intend to integrate with your financial system?
Hello Yousaf,
Thanks a lot for your feedback!
The very high level requirements are as follows:
The one tool should be able to
- Support the project managers plan their projects (not only tasks) across the horizon and be able to provide a Gantt Chart view
- Provide an overview and drilldown detail on all resources and their assignments in the organization across the horizon
- Allow the resources enter timesheets, in order to populate the actual project realization details on task basis under projects, hence be able to provide the users have ONLINE and LIVE access to their project statistics (budget, actual, estimated time to complete and projected budget)
- And of course, be able to generate the required reporting based on all that information entered into the system.
I will check further the other tools you mention, but eg MS Project does not have all of these functions in one tool, as far as I am aware.
Thanks again,
I think the postings here take a bit of time; I have seen this only after posting my previous note!
Here are the answers:

1. What is the size of your organization? Mid-size
2. How many users will be using this system? 150-200
3. How mature are your PM practices? The level of knowledge and experience varies between the users
4. Do you intend to integrate with your financial system? Not for the moment

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