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How can you manage projects?

How can you handle this as a project manager:
1. Different members of your teams in different projects
2. Great rotation of team members in the same project
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Planning and delivering on a project without dedicated resources is challenging.
1. If members are assigned to different projects or
In this case the PM has to negotiate with the sponsor and drive home the point that schedule and quality will be affected if resources are not dedicated to the project
2. Great rotation of team members in the same project
This scenario can happen if the objective is to enable sharing of knowledge and it may be positive for the project. There are some cases of subject matter experts who have all the knowledge but when they go on leave no team member is able to replace them. So, rotation helps in these cases

1. Keep project tracking tight and be on top of Risk Management every moment.
2. As mentioned by Sanjeev, talk to project sponsor about the situation and keep informed about impact as and when needed.
3. Talk to authorities and see how can you get n number of resources for x number of days so that deliverable are less impacted. You can also talk to other PMs in your organization so that a way could be identified.
4. Your transparency in communication at all levels will safeguard you. Mention this risk consistently in weekly/monthly reports you are submitting to management.
5. Try to get some buffer time for deliverable (optimistic timeline while handling internally and pessimistic timeline for sponsor or client; but you must be able to defend it).

You have to keep in touch with the functional managers that are providing your team members.

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