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Whats is the difference between a project director and a project manager?
Responsibilities of Project Directors vs. Project Managers
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Edson -

About $20,000 :-)

Usually the titles relate more to the scale or complexity of the project managed, but I'd also expect Project Directors to play a more strategic role than the administrative one which many PMs find themselves spending a reasonable amount of their time on.

Also, remember that a title is just a title - I've seen some PDs who are glorified administrative assistants and some PMs who are really executives.

In our organization, the project director is part of the sponsor organization, and the project manager is part of the implementer organization. The project director and his organization identifies the need (capability deficiency), prioritizes them, provides the funding, and accepts the final product. The project manager is responsible for defining the technical requirements that will meet the performance needs, or High-Level Mandatory Requirements, creating and managing the project team, contracting for the technical requirements, and managing the budget.
The Project Director is a role which is "Accountable" for the Project whereas the Project Manager is the role which is "Responsible",

The PD Role is Scalable where as the PM role is specific to the Project.
Dear Kiron
By month or by year?
1 reply by Stéphane Parent
Sep 23, 2019 12:22 PM
Stéphane Parent
Probably both, Luis.
The project director does not need to be PMP-certified.
Sep 23, 2019 10:24 AM
Replying to Luis Branco
Dear Kiron
By month or by year?
Probably both, Luis.
The Project Director could be a fancy name for project manager for example in a big project.

However I have seen this title being used by a SME working for the sponsor and making decisions about what needs to be delivered. He could also make decisions on the budget on behalf of the sponsor. In this case the Director does not necessarily have project management experience but he has experience in the domain of the users that would be using the delivered products or services.

The Project Director from above coexists with the project manager, the Director makes the project decisions and the project managers engages other people to deliver what the Director has asked and also reports the progress.
Fully Agree with Kiron ....20-30 or even 50,000 dollars more than the PM or Senior PM and better at handling and playing Politics .
Project Director in some organizations is someone that does more of the strategy, process, PMO governance etc. while the Sr.PM does more on his/her own project implementation. Its directing the team, making efficient processes for the PMO, setting up/building the PM team etc.
It depends on the culture, country and the organization. In Russia, there are no big differences, you can be a Project manager in one company and a project director in another and do the same things). HR approach also influences the name, for example, in some companies, for the purpose of standardization, only top managers can be called Directors and the level below can be called as the head of department or manager.

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