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Has anyone delivered risk management training recently after a risk consultancy?
Hi everyone,
I was brought into to deliver an organisational risk management uplift and at the end of the uplift I am attempting to write some training material. Would be interested if anyone has any examples to see a different perspective other than mine
I'm running a couple of risk management workshops for beginners and intermediates very soon. Unfortunately, I can't share the material, but I will say that overall, our organization performs a lot of risk management related work, but without really understanding and exploiting what it is they do, all the way up to the enterprise risk management level. My focus will be on bringing more rigour to the risk statements, and linking risks to schedules, and contingency funds which is rarely done here. I will be using everyday real world examples of risk management first then conveying them into risk statements. I've looked into several risk registers across a multitude of projects, and they are all the same. They all lack rigour in their risk statements.

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