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Getting back to the basics
5 processes in project management
10 knowledge areas
49 project management processes and knowledge areas
Each project is unique, so tailoring ...
Is it that complex?
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No, it stinks :)
PMBOK intends to be broad. It is standard for all industries, from military to pharmaceutical. Each industry as its own characteristics, rules, laws, etc.

Tailoring depends on the PM knowledge and expertise, 1)about PM 2)about the industry 3) about the organization.

Knowledge data base based on lessons learned would also help the PM tailoring the standard.

The best example would be procurement, if your project doesn't demand any sort of procurement you can take away the procurement processes.

Tailoring is advised to all standards/methodologies, PMBOK, PRINCE2, Agile,

The more you know and understand the better you tailor.

Luis -

Remember that the PMBOK provides a model for understanding project management and there certainly is nothing which says that all 49 processes need to be performed on every project or how much effort is spent in anyone.

For example, on a low complexity project, the first six of the seven risk management processes might be performed in a single quick meeting with key stakeholders.

I've yet to meet a PM who would use the 49 processes as a checklist when deciding what to do at what point on a project...

Tailoring is using the parts of the model that will best fit your project requirements. As more of these become valid options and techniques, the complexity will increase. That said, the flexibility to choose the best approach can only benefit the project from the off.
I fully agree with Kiron, well said.

For an experienced PM, tailoring should not be a complex job as he will know how and when to use each process if needed and when needed and as needed.
Don't forget that there are different levels of tailoring. There should be an initial tailoring at the organization level, providing the guidelines for its projects. You can then further tailor the project based on a variety of factors such as size, complexity and risk.

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