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How do you proceed when this happens?
For this or that reason, we do not always have the proper behavior as people and as leaders with the members of our teams.
How do you proceed when this happens?
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On my projects, I work with every personality type. I am sometimes both appalled and surprised by the way some people behave in a business setting. First and foremost, I check my own behavior. No matter how unprofessional people get, especially in the field, at times, I always make sure my responses are level, direct, and professional. If I have to walk away for a few minutes to collect myself I will. How I react and proceed will set the tone going forward. Staying in control goes a long way to showing expectations, correcting a derail, and developing trust among the team and clients.
Luis -

if you are referring to our own behavior, then self-awareness, actively soliciting feedback from team members and our peers, and encouraging a culture of psychological safety and radical candor so folks feel comfortable telling us when we are offside can help.


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