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One more agile-focused PMI acquisition: FLEX from Net Objectives!
In case some of you missed the announcement yesterday, PMI acquired the FLEX (FLow for Enterprise Transformation) agile transformation framework from Net Objectives.

The combination of this and Disciplined Agile should be a pretty powerful one-two punch if the IP is appropriately leveraged.

Thoughts from the community?
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I do not know very well FLEX probably is known in USA a lot more than in Europe. I just saw the announcement in Linkedin, I think that all recent acquisitions it will trigger a great effort to coordinate all this different approaches that in the end have so many overlap areas with PM and between each of them. I'm starting losing sight and with many doubts, i do not know if PMI from here will evolve to several certifications areas or if will include the main core of that disciplines in Project management and from there derive for specializations. Nevertheless I hope that PMI develop a simple a adaptable framework that could cover all aspects of project Management.
Dear Kiron
I had never heard of Net Objectives' FLOW for Enterprise Transformation (FLEX).

What are they dedicated to exactly?
How can this acquisition add value to PMI?
Here the official announcement:
Luis -

This site will give you more info about FLEX:

The mix of FLEX for organizational transformation and DA for creating practical delivery frameworks should prove to be a great combination. I often find that agile transformation in large organizations are difficult as the mindset change is difficult to apply across traditional business units. A guided approach like FLEX is a positive addition to PMI and can improve market positioning.
Dear Kiron
Thanks for sharing.
I will deepen my knowledge about Flex and its proposal
Are we facing PMI's "bet" on OPM?
The problem is: thinking a framework will help to gain into agile alignement. Key people must be engaged for the PMI to mix the framework with the PMBOK just in case that is the strategy. Mainly because when you integrate a framework it will jeopardize the generalistic nature of the PMBOK which is the thing that has made it powerfull. In this case, FLEX has a flow or life process defined then the PMBOK (if it is integrated to the PMBOK) will prescribe which is not what the escense of the PMBOK is. DAD on the contrary do not have a flow then can be integrated without jeopardizing the escense. Perhaps the strategy to follow is to create an extension of the PMBOK (as it was done for software extension or others) related to Agile where without jeopardizing the PMBOK scence Agile can be addressed. What is clear adquiring DAD and FLEX can help the PMI to leave the software oriented driven of all that PMI has been done up to date because that is not agile, is just an implementation of agile.
I saw the posting on LinkedIn. Had not heard of FLEX before that.

Clearly, PMI has a vision of where they see their brand in the future. These acquisitions are the beginning steps toward this goal. Adding to the toolkit now, with, what I assume, a later recommended pathway for organizational preparedness, transformation, readiness will bring an interesting dynamic to the profession.
Only 6 months with the new PMI CEO, Sunil Prashara, and he is certainly making his mark!

I would expect that acquisition could have a directional change with the standards of PMBOK & PMP as well as ACP.

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