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How will the Project Management to synch with change of guard in Technology front?
How does Project Management to coup up with changing Technology mode to Digitization as in AI,Cloud?Will there be need to develop a framework of Project Management which circles these areas & ways to engage it?
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I think Project Management is evolving and accommodating all the changes we see these days. Not sure having a PM Framework specifically for those areas will help as the Project Management PMBOK is a guideline and you can tailor it to suits your project type and needs.
Not at all. What you stated are technologies that could be used or not in projects. Believe me, I started working in project where not personal computer exists and a computer with 2 megabytes in RAM was 20 meters long. The important thing is putting focus on what project mangement is. You must being updated to communicate with all type of specialist but you must not being a subject matter expert. Forget about technology is the same when you work in healthcare, finance, construction, nuclear power plants, etc.
I feel Project management itself is a framework which comes from various industry level guidelines like PRINCE, PMBOK etc that enables people to modify or define the Project Management architecture as per the technologies need.So in a nut shell Project Management is not industry or technology specific rather it's a framework within ,which need to alter and adapt as per our need.
Suman -

If you are referring to projects delivering AI or Cloud-based solutions, then there could be extensions to standard PM practices and principles to facilitate planning and management of those similar to what PMI had released a while ago with their Construction Extension. If you are referring to project management impacts from AI or Cloud, then the principles and standards wouldn't change, but specific practices might be influenced or improved through use of such technology.


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