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I am working on a Project, If the Project Manager here is inexpert, What should be the way forward of getting the project being derailed? Expert Guidance Please.
I am a Project Controls Manager in Construction Industry, currently working on a Project. If I and other team members find that the Project Manager is an Inexpert of the matters. What is the suggested Way forward to avoid the project being derailed?
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Hi PM Community,

I see 2 options available in this kind of situations

1) Have a meeting with the PM who is not performing well and let him know of the areas where he needs to improve on. Together find a way to keep track of his performance in order to avoid him derailing the project again. I suggest a daily standup call with him.

2) A bad gear in a system that cannot be improved needs to be replaced. If the PM does not seem to improve find a better PM.

Hope this helps,

Vaibhav -

Can you elaborate on the PM being inexpert?

Is it the PM hard skills, soft skills or domain or business expertise which is lacking?

What evidence do you have that the PM is inexpert?

Just as Kiron liked to better understand what it means to him: "an Inexpert of the matters"
As Kiron and Luis said it is important to understand which are the areas in which you think the PM is not an expert.

In IT for instance many PMs are not experts in the lines of work of their project team members and they don't understand anything related to the work that is is performed. Still projects managed by such PMs succeed because the work-related decisions are made by experienced SMEs and not by them.

If your PM is not a SME in constructions then this should not be a problem as long as he is prevented from leading the team at the technical level or in other words for the team he must just be a coordinator and not a real leader (you can't lead if you are not a domain expert).

If the PM lacks project management knowledge then this is more problematic as he has to be replaced from the project something that may not be very easy to do.
Hi PM Community,
I cannot evaluate this situation due to lack of information , As you know "Evaluation "is the first step in "Ethical decision making framework ".

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