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What is the trend for the project management profession?
I just posted a poll about this subject
I would love to have your opinion
I leave the link here
Dear Mr Luis Branco
Very good afternoon !! Congratulations for brining this topic on the table for deliberation.
Very relevant topic in this growing materialistic world. Different geographies are at different levels of state of development ( Definition of Development can be debated?) and having different kind of problems and hence different.priorities. In accordance with their status in terms of their economy, human capital, Capacities, Capabilities, political and soceital environment ,these countries are having different needs. The world is projected to be 8.5 billion by 2030 . If wisdom prevails on developed nations the infrastructure development for giving respectful life satisfying basic needs to 70 % of worlds deprived Human beings shall become the Prime driver for the business world.
Obviously this has to happen very speedily and successfully and honestly for satisfying the various but different needs/priorities specific to respective countries and regions.
This certainly calls for huge number of various small to large to mega large projects and programs to be run and implemented with focus on realisation of projects/Products, their Outcomes and Benefits.
This will need huge amount of Project and Program Professionals to be engaged in conceptualising, assessing ,Planning , delivering, transitioning and sustaining the benefits for those countries. For this all the Business companies , respective governments , technological companies and the soceities shall be required to very honestly pursue the objectives and goals.
Thus the Project Management as specialised subject and body of knowledge will be required to be looked upon as game to be played with persons/agencies having different expertise from technologies, information management, Data analytics Procurrement , automation etc and various skills like human management, conflict resolutions, Leadership, communications , linguistics etc ( though every one in a team is designated as Project Manager) and there will be several such teams serving world across.
Thus we will find
Project managers engaged by differernt Contracting companies for monitoring and controlling projects. The client companies will always prefer to have their project manager to be a communicating link and also controling /witnessing eye but the growing number of such project managers will be limited..
PMCs shall have need to engage large number of Project Managers to plan, execute , monitor ,control and close these complex projects and programs. Sucessful collaboaration across the teams, critical stakeholder Management with tremnedous diversity related issues will become prime factor for success of the projects. This requirement shall be growing & will give rise to adoption of real time communication, need of varity of communications, integration analysis, fast decision making and quickly implemrnted actions for alignment .Obviously the appropriate n extensive use of software anf human skills shall become must and primarily PMC as essential part of their business shall get equipped.
All these demands of requirements of PMC-Business growth will attract , train and build project/ Program managers professional teams to grab the explosion of opportunities. But such PMC firms who earn real name and repute will still be limited though much more in number as compared to present times ( though individually they will engage quite many Project Manager's having super expertise in various facets of Project Management)
On this background the software projects /products ( to satisfy information Management requirements) shall also grow management and project Managers the companies like cognizant, TCS , Wipro, etc will grow and the number of Softtware enineers/Managers will also be hired
Probably we can look upon this likely happening of growth of PMC mega consultantancy firms as that of Business consultacy firms like Mackenzie or BCG or Alvarez n Marsel etc in last fifty years.
These mega PMC companies -Tier 1 -may resort to hiring Tir 2 PMCs on Contract Basis with only few as permanent employees or business partners.
There will be many Tier 2 PMCs will engage project managers on contract /temporary basis for the project duration.
The Professional Project Management can get further segmented into further specialised fields and faculties and networks of professinals will get established.
Once upon time there were only few engineering or Medical branches but today various specialisations and the corrousponding institutions have been established and contributing to the service of human being , somewhat similar scenerio will be there. .
In my view Project and Program management will keep on growing with different wepons and armaments backed by Data Analytics , big data, Automation, artificial intelligence and the Project or Program Managers will have to be knowledgable at Macro level with various technologies as if they are Generalistic subject matter experts ,But more important shall be they should be true to their hearts to the professional ethics and benefits that they are supposed to deliver through the opportunity that they have to serve the mankind/purpose of the project.
All project/Program Management professionals shall be solidly founded on the conviction that they are meant for well being of the soceity while earning their living .
Thus the trend in Project Management as I view it is basically going to be not much different that the way it was evolving all along but will be backed by more tools and techniques needing the corrousponding operational knowledge and will be on rise as the world population and needs are growing.
Thanks Luis once again and warm regards

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