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Is PMI going to compete directly with ITIL?
In "PMI plus Disciplined Agile might be a marriage made in Heaven", Kiron Bondale mentions two risks to PMI: dilution of thought leadership, and actively competing with partners, e.g. Registered Education Providers. Given DA's roots in IT service management (what they refer to as Disciplined DevOps), how real is the risk of direct competition with the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL - one of the leading methodologies for IT service management)?
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ITIL is about the operations side. As long as PMI focuses on the project side, they will be complementary, rather than competitors.
Agree with Stephane
Disciplined Agile Delivery relates to the implementation of changes to the operating environment but the other "blades" of Disciplined Agile extend beyond delivery to look at the supporting technology organization. Take a look at for more details...

It appears that PMI is moving away from one-methodology (waterfall and its smaller brother, Agile) to multiple equally valid hybrid solutions that bleed over to operational side.
Both ITIL and PMI (with addition of DA) are in the Change Management and Operational Continuity areas - so I would imagine that eventually (5+ years) the overlap will be more noticeable.
PMI Focus is on Project Management, and i believe this will continue to be their focus for emerging technologies and industries. However, at the present moment ITIL focuses on Service Management - Operations side of Information Technology and they may focus eventually on the project management perspectives -specifically Digital Project Management or IT project Management. I can see an overlap between PMBOK and ITIL from Digital/IT Project Management perspectives in the immediate future years. However, this overlap can also be complementary for the 2 professional Associations.
@Kiron is very correct about this Discipline Agile is hybrid by nature allow to choose between several project life cycles , some of the choices that are allowed overlap clearly with operations area, as an example Discipline Agile Enterprise can cover all entreprise sectors inluding operations. Discipline Agile is very broad with many flavors that we can choose, it will be a chalenge to select the one that best fit our project or company.

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