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Career Options: Could PMs become tomorrow's executives
I recently attended a presentation that argued Senior Project Managers have the skills and competencies to make it into the CEO’s chair. Is this a viable career path?

I am not aware of any PMs that have made it to COO level, let alone a chief executive position.

** Do others know of senior PMs who have made it into the ranks of executives?
** Is this a feasible career option for successful PMs?
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Oct 01, 2019 7:21 AM
Replying to Kiron Bondale
Bruce -

Definitely. I know of at least two colleagues who went from PM roles to PMO leadership roles and then into CIO positions. One of my virtual PM contacts is in a COO position with a healthcare company.

While this may not be an immediate jump from PM to senior executive, the competencies, experience and relationships built will all be apropos to a C-suite position.

@Kiron - I would be interested to interview your colleagues who went from PM to PMO leadership roles and then CIO positions. I will follow up with a separate email.
@All - Thanks for the feedback. I think we have general sense that PMs could develop into executives, but do not have a good roadmap for that progression. If anyone has any additional knowledge of CxOs who were former PMs, please let me know.
Hi Bruce: I've not seen a PM reach the CEO or COO level, but my mentor was a CEO who clearly spoke our PM language. He understood better than any other leader I have met how to inspire teams to reach goals. When he arrived on our campus, our hospital was in the process of changing ownership. Our hospital was "walking in circles" and he referred to this as the "vortex of doom". He took our leadership off campus for 2 days and invited us to collectively brainstorm what needed to be accomplished in the next 90-days. In 2 days we had not only figured out next steps for immediate action but we had prioritized the list and set goals for each task - and when we met again in 90-days it was to celebrate that we completed them all 100%! He helped us all take a giant leap forward. This man had keen project management aptitude and skills. This was leadership at its best and I was so honored and privileged to be mentored by him. After watching how this man led others, I do believe an excellent project manager could step into the C-suite with confidence and make a positive difference.
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