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Can we consider?

Can we consider a social network?
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Certainly, not in what we view today as a 'social network', however, in its most basic form, sure, it is a SN in that individuals across the globe can interact with each other. It's more a community forum. Many features are still needed to consider a full-fledged SN, again, in at least what we call a true SN in today's standards. I do look forward to the growth of this site in the coming years.

I'd clarify the description of it as being a "social PROFESSIONAL network" vs. a purely social one the way that Facebook, Instagram or similar networks are positioned. Once in a while we get an unprofessional post or one unrelated to the focus of this community, but the moderators do a great job of eliminating those.


I don’t know about calling it social but it is rather a Professional Network Platform.

I think that even all that classifications refered by @Rami and @ Kiron make sense in a restrict way, in the end this is a social network, by defenition a social network is a website that allows people with similar interests to come together and share information, photos and videos, all social responsible network have moderators to monitor and control abuses, and enforce the stipulated rules.
People engaged in social networking may be doing so as a personal or a business endeavor. Those who engage on social network sites as a personal endeavor interact by using various forms of media to discuss their lives and interests. The most popular social networks for this type of familiar interaction include Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Although these and other social networks may be used for business purposes -- especially marketing -- social networks exist specifically for enterprise social networking. Popular enterprise social network platforms include Socialcast and Yammer. Ideally, employees who are tasked with participating on social networks are provided with a social media policy so there is no ambiguity about what management considers to be acceptable use.

I'd consider it a professional network, not social because I see social networks (facebook, instagram, etc.) as primarily used in a casual capacity, rarely being a place to seek professional advice or share insights. I would sincerely hope that the value of a professional network such as this one would never be diluted into a social network.

The comments here about a professional network I agree with. I heard very similar comments about LinkedIn 8 - 10 years ago. Since then, I've encountered several "unprofessional" interactions on LinkedIn (about 2%). I don't see that here (yet). Let's keep it that way. helps me to be a better project manager period. That is extremely valuable. If I can help someone else along their journey in a "social" manner here then that is great.

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"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up."

- Mark Twain