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What is the preparation work that we need to do when a vendor comes in to help us implement SAP GRC?
What shall we do when a vendor comes in on his 1st day to help us implement SAP GRC? When vendor mentioned will not cover installations, does he meant don't cover installations for SAP GRC software or installation of something else?...
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Sorry to be obvious but the best is to answer the vendor.
Hello Edna,

From your question I am assuming that the 'vendor' to implement SAP GRC represents a consulting firm (or is an independent consultant) to assist you with configuring GRC according to your requirements.

But, before that can be done the software has to be installed. Installation is a completely different skillset from configuring software for usability.

Since the vendor doesn't provide that service, you need to seek out another consulting firm that does it, or ask SAP for assistance.

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