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Do you know any non-it, non-service companies that have implemented agile?
Hello there,

in my effort to convince people about the benefits of agile (mindset/culture, methods, etc.) I am always confronted with the question: so, who does agile other than service and IT companies?
Then I have to think really hard to remember the couple of companies that I know.
Do you know any manufacturing/hardware/consumer products (your choice) agile companies?

Thanks a lot for your input!


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Many manufacturing companies in the agility sphere would call themselves "Lean." Agile Manufacturing is really focused on being able to quickly pivot production to meet changing needs, but it seems to go hand in hand with Lean Manufacturing. Note that this is not a new buzzword, Agile Manufacturing has been a topic for decades, but it has come into focus as new technology creates new manufacturing possibilities.

I remember that "Ben & Jerry's" used to be a frequent example of an agile company. Patagonia is another. I've heard Whole Foods was considered an agile company, but I don't know if that's before or after it was acquired by Amazon.
Daniela -

What does "implemented agile" mean to you? If you are referring to a specific agile method or framework like Scrum, then you could search online for that. For example, there was a paper written a few years back regarding the application of Scrum to construction.

HBR has published a few articles over the past couple of years on agility outside of IT.

I have worked at least in at least a dozen of companies with that characteristics from 1995 up to date, including it non-profit organizations. Important thing is to take into account that Agile is not about to use a method/framework, is not about IT/Software only, is not about to implement a specific process like iterative/incremental/iterative-incremental. There is a problem with your statement: " to convince people about the benefits of agile". That is the worst thing you can do. You have to help people to decide about what best fit your their current reality and the minimal goals they have to achieve: survive, growth and developt.

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