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Three (3) Key Challenges....
What are the three key challenges for our industry today, and how can these be tackled effectively?
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What were the communication challenges on your last project?
What is your communication style with your team?
Dear Ronald
What specific industry are you referring to?
In my company, the main challenge is communication, because my company is spread all over the world, and we also have teams around the world in constant communication with many dependencies, culture is the main obstacle to communication, sometimes the language too, so we start organizing half-yearly meetings where we hold workshops to improve effective cross-cultural work, associate people's faces with a name, and at least try to understand the reasons behind their thoughts when we are negotiating all aspects of daily work.
The biggest challenge is finding properly trained and experienced staff. The biggest communications challenge is getting people comfortable working in a highly (physically) distributed Agile team environment.
1- Communication -Poor communication is one of the project management challenges that always get in the way when it comes to managing people
2- Technology – Due to the unique nature of projects there will frequently be the need to employ new technology. The challenge will be dealing with this new technology – do we have the staff who can use it, will they need training.

3- Poor Team Skills -Even though a project manager might be excellent in their work, if the team that the manager leads lacks skills, the results of the project might not be satisfying.
We work with people. People is the key success factor for each initiative. That´s not new. But we need to continue adapt to people behavor which impacts to all related to our profession which is stated in the PMBOK´s knowledge areas just in case we follow the PMI way to do project management.
Working in a digital marketing agency, the 3 key challenges for me are:

Resourcing: With teams of developers, analysts and technicians working on multiple projects, there are constant shifts to hit deadlines. Our team of 6 PM's are in constant communication with our resourcing team, to ensure that any resourcing requirements are discussed in detail.

Communication: Cross team comms is key to success and sometimes team members can make decisions on direction and not communicate this to the team. Whilst the decision could be valid, surprise is not something I enjoy when managing projects.

Internal Scope Creep: Our teams have a desire to please and sometimes go above and beyond on delivery outputs. Whilst this can be a very positive experience for the client, sometimes this can lead to over-complication or information overload, as well as potential impacts to the timeline.

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