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Aviation Management student looking for a Project Manager Mentor in the aviation industry
I am currently a student at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University taking a Project Management class. I am require to find a mentor in the field preferably in aviation. It will require some email correspondence for about an hour a week for 8 weeks.
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I can find an hour a week. I won't even ask for a chargeline. ;-)

Feel free to contact me through Outlook.
That would be awesome! Are you in the aviation industry? That seems to be the deal breaker. Most Project Managers are in the IT field. Here are the items for this first week. If it works out we can correspond through email. Thank you for your time.

The name of your mentor
A brief background on his or her project management experience
The industry/sector
The type of aviation project management experience
Years serving as a project manager
Whether or not he/she has a project management certification
1 reply by Keith Novak
Oct 17, 2019 4:15 PM
Keith Novak
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Hi Frederick,
In case you are still looking for a mentor. Another idea is to check with PMI local chapter and join mentoring program as a mentee, asking for a mentor with the qualifications you need. A lot of PMI chapters have mentoring program, and they are really helpful. Mentoring is becoming very popular within PMI due to its benefits.

Good luck!
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