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How do you Plan on Micro Level for a Shutdown and Re powering a FMCG Manufacturing Facility,??
How do you Plan on Micro Level for a Shutdown and Re powering a FMCG Manufacturing Facility,?? There is already an overall Detailed Project Plan, Would a simple WBS with Activities suffice for that Date??
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Hi Mudassar, sounds similar to a production launch. A detailed step by step document with estimated time needed for each task is important.

Also, you should have a detailed contingency plan with all tasks listed if things do not go as planned. Include any communications needed as part of the activities as well.
From an administrative perspective, a WBS with dates and resources can cover any planning imaginable. It is is just a way to logically organize work so it can be effectively planned. The critical part is identifying the required work that must be performed. That includes a significant amount of risk management planning.

Shutting something down and restarting it is a situation where a project phased WBS would make more sense than a product level WBS. You might start at a product level decomposition, but the work will involve shut down, maintain, restart, verify functionality, resolve problems, and operate.

Often, machines don't wake up happy. You need to plan the shut-down so that it leaves the system in a state where it can be restarted when needed. Then you have a dormant state in which you may need some ongoing care or mice build nests in sensitive hardware. Then you have to restart the system which requires a systematic approach to ensure it still works. During that, you can have additional issues not just with the desired functionality, but there are also often new safety concerns with energizing a system, like the mouse nest catches fire.

It's a bit different than starting up a system for the first time, because it's not in a pristine state anymore. Risk and contingency planning become more important due to the inherent uncertainty.

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