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Relations of PMO level to PM Practices
How do you relate the maturity level of your organization to the project management methodology and practices implemented and followed?
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In my case I am using CMMi from long time ago. I am using it not matter I am not meassuring software. Perhaps because I studied in CMU I did not find any other usable model up to date, Inlcuding it the PMI´s maturity models like OPM. Just my case.
I've recently been hired to bring a PM methodology to my organization. Previously, projects have been led with very little consistency and I would rate the PM maturity level on the low end.

To start, I'm using a scaled down version of the PMBOK and am focusing on providing training and artifacts to support the major PM activities (planning, risk management, requirements definition, scope management, change management, etc). Although I've worked for a much more mature PMO before, I am finding it incredibly important to scale back from a complex methodology to make way for "laying the framework" and focusing on training opportunities.

With that being said, I'm finding it important early on to socialize this new way of working for the organization and holding people to using the methodology. I'm of the mindset that the earlier you can get people using it the easier it will be to adopt it in the long run.
Yousaf -

I wouldn't try to correlate methodologies & practices to organizational PM maturity. Rather, I'd look for data points such as:

1. Value realized vs. value expected
2. Stakeholder satisfaction (including customers & team members)
3. Number of projects terminated after they had commenced
4. Magnitude of unexplained cost & schedule variances
5. Utilization of management reserves

Kiron, a data driven approach in assessing the success of PM practices is definitely a good starting point. I think it provides the basis for any improvement roadmap.

Amanda, thanks for sharing your approach. Often PMOs tend to focus on methodologies which are geared to realizing the full OPM3 level 5, without taking into account the current maturity level and a path to a center of excellence. This tends to result in published methodologies, but vastly different practices in implementing projects. I start with the scaled back framework design that starts at the foundations like clear scope, planning techniques, and monitoring & control. a key is to build in continuous improvement resulting from feedback of the PM community in the organization.

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