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How far away do you think are we to have AI implemented in our Project Management Platforms?
We have heard from the 2019 PMI Conference that the Artificial Intelligence will be part of Project Manager's everyday life very soon. But how soon?

I want to know more about what AI features do you want to see first. Please provide your recommendations and feedbacks!

Thank you
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Oct 24, 2019 2:45 PM
Replying to Luis Branco
Dear Edwardo
Interesting your question.
Thanks for sharing
Workfusion's promise is that it already uses AI in project management
In the construction with the use of BIM, we are striding
Hello Luis, thanks for your input. However, I would like to make the differentiation between RPA (robot process automation) and AI.

Workfusion is one of the players in the RPA industry but there are others that are slightly more advanced. If you google Gartner RPA Magic Quadrant and you will see the leaders of this field.

The way I differentiate between RPA and AI is that RPA is algorithmic and follow a specific workflow. It does not evolve with time. This is where AI with the ML kicks in and helps to improve the initial algorithm based on data from the its repetitive uses and from system feedbacks.

In terms of construction, BIM is a excellent visualization tool to help streamlining between the design and the build. I can see how the BIM fits into the industrial revolution 4.0 and it will use other aspect of AI such as computing vision to help improving the execution of a major construction project.
Oct 24, 2019 12:57 PM
Replying to Edward Ko
Hi Kiron, in order for AI to provide guidance and to support a decision, it takes a TON of data. I think one of the pre-req for companies to adopt AI to their PMO is that they must have a project management software and that they have been using for a very long time ...

Community, what do you think?
The funny thing is, companies like QSM have made a living for years by providing estimating models which sit on top of large databases. So while valid data elements are needed to support machine learning, the volume needed might not be high depending on the nature of the problem we are trying to automate.
The problem is when AI is used because it is a "new wave" and it becomes a buzzword like others (agile, big data, etc, etc). AI is a boarder term and it is used today and from long time ago in project management and other field. People do not know that.
The premise of this discussion started with the '2019 PMI Conference that the Artificial Intelligence will be part of Project Manager's everyday life very soon'. But just what does that mean when it comes down to the PM's (and team) responsibilities?

Will it be in the form of progressive learning algorithms or self-learning algorithms. Will it be the form of interactions with machine or human inputs. And what PM activities are we talking about. I just don't know.

I have no doubt AI will have meaningful impact in Project Management in the not-too-distant future. But right now we are in the stage of reciting the AI mantra without specificity or understanding how it will improve the overall delivery of business value.

Nonetheless, it will evolve, no doubt and generate lots of discussion along the way!
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