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Quantum Supremacy by Google?
What do you think of IBM's claim, in the CNN Business article,that Google overstated the quantum supremacy in its Wednesday announcement?
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Great question Stéphane! Please excuse my cynical thoughts below.

Making hyperbolic announcements when on the cutting edge suggests there’s an internal bleed in Google’s body of development --- If you are truly near a highly sought after R&D milestone, would you be focused on creating marketing hype that could expose your team to scrutiny, and possibly affect your momentum, funding, and respect? If you are that close, wouldn’t you be on lock-down?

I would tend to believe there was a deficit in Google’s project that required them to take this strategic action. Maybe there was a specific type of talent or an individual who was on the fence that they needed on their team, and the only way they felt they could “pull it off” was to hyperbolize what they had accomplished to that point. Maybe, just maybe, IBM just lost one of their key people to Google with this play - who knows?

It’s fun being the cynic once in a while.
I am researching in quantum computing from the time they emerge. I am doing that because my field of research is AI from long time ago and now I can use quantum computing to modelize what I am researching related to AI. First of all everybody can use a quantum computing today due to there are quatum computers on line available from IBM and Microsoft. What Gooble did according to the article (I have not more information than that) can be done for a person using those free for use available quantum computers. Second, the posibility to have quantum compurters to be available for commercial use is too far today (i know, "too far" it could be no so far as we can image). It seems that the strategy some companies like IBM, Microsoft, etc is trying to put in place is to sell quantum computing services in a similar way than some of them are selling cloud services for example. As any other type of things, as the wisdom said: "behind the truth is always the truth".
By the comments ...
Looks like it's a sign of the times
We live in the futures market ...
Are we facing a new bubble?
Will it break out?
What are the consequences?

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