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Resource Management in MS Project

I've been trying to work towards more transparency in my organization when it comes to resource allocation across a single or multiple projects. In order to do so, I've been looking into the MS Project resource functionality and MS Project server capabilities but I'm struggling grasping how to set it up effectively. I've looked for videos and blogs online that all point to "task duration" (in days, weeks) vs. "actual work" (in hours) but I still can't find clear guidance around using this appropriately.

Any suggestions or links to videos / posts about how to do this?
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Amanda -

MS Project classifies tasks as fixed units, duration or work and based on the classification you pick for a given task it will affect things like resource utilization, duration and total work effort.

My suggestion would be to pick up one of Eric Uytewaal's books as he does a great job of covering the ins and outs of the MSP scheduling engine.


I was in charge of implementing that time ago in my actual work place. it fails. But it fails as any other type of things not because the tool, just because the process and dynamic related to resource, any type of resource, allocation. A classic no matter the place you are working on.

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