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Is publishing valuable in the industry as it is required in academia?

I am an academic publisher of the doctoral series: The Refractive Thinker. We are a 21 time award winning peer reviewed and Amazon best selling series just for doctoral scholars. We are in the midst of an author's call for our Spring 2020 issue--Project Management (Vol XVIII). NASA Astronaut Andy Allen will be writing the foreword for us.

We know that publishing is important (and required!) by academia, however is publishing an asset to those within the project management industry? Does learning to leverage publishing to position one as an expert contribute to credibility in the field? I welcome your thoughts! Thank you! Dr. Cheryl Lentz
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In my case I have the opportunity to publish articles inside project mangement and business analysis official magazzines after having gone through a rigorous selection process. My articles were cited from lot of people. In my case, my motivation to do that is to put into consideration to the community my line of work and getting feedback to learn and improve myself from the feedback.

Dr. Lentz -

I'd suggest that while publishing does confer credibility in the project management profession, breath & depth of industry, hands-on experience is given at least as much weighting.


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