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Among all AI features, which one do you see applies first to PM?
Happy Monday everyone!

As usual, I like to hear what people think about Artificial Intelligence in Project Management. There are lots of cool features in AI that are available, such as machine learning, speech-to-text, machine vision and more...

Which feature do you wish to have in your Project Management platform first, and why?

Thanks PM community!
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My vote is for machine learning. This is because we often have to sift through a lot of information for our status reports. I would love to have a machine go through the information and identify patterns,anomalies and discrepancies for my reports.

Not just a tongue in cheek. AI already touches the lifes of all of us, not just the 90 million or so project managers. Look at your phone and it's apps. PMs will use widely available features of AI when it makes sense for the project.
I see BIM in construction being a good candidate for AI. All the data that is already in there begs for use.
Dear Edward
Interesting your question.
Thanks for sharing

If we could get Artificial Intelligence to do:
- Project planning (with schedule optimization) - Resource allocation for activities with "do or buy" analysis and where to buy
- Collection of information about the work performed
- Comparative analysis between planned and executed
- Forecasts
- Suggestions of corrective and / or preventive measures.

The only thing we need to do is make decisions

It would be gold over blue :-)
I tend to look at this from the opposite direction. Rather than asking which tool do I want to use first, I approach it as what functionality would I like to improve and now tell me what tools best fit that need.

When I was involved more in the data side, I learned a number of numerical problem solving methods that I saw had immediate applications. In many cases though I've seen people build functionality and go looking for a customer who could use it. That can create a lot of wasted work for tools with no users.

As the person solving problems using PM tools and sometimes having some influence on our tool builders, I approach the problem as what PM functions/processes are inefficient, and give me a different method or a better tool to aid the current method.
Good morning everyone, I heard a lot of interesting response, thanks for sharing.

I think the concensus I am getting from the contributors here is that if AI can help to automate the repetative tasks, or the labor heavy tasks, then there is value added by the AI to the Project Managers.

Keep sharing your feedbacks!
I fully agree with @Keith comments here. AI is a tool like others. But tools becomes a nightmare if you do not take into account what they must support. The ancient "Silver Bullet Syndrome".

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