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Hi All,
Currently i am working on project to develop a Project Management Plan for a Utility company which manages construction of Substations. Utility would like to streamline their project management practice inline with PMI.
So, i appreciate, if someone shares the sample of Project management plan inline with PMI for my reference.
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Dear Rajesh
Interested your question
Thanks for sharing

Here at you will find the most diverse proposals on the topic.
Just do it in the "search content"

Important is to match the document (s) to the reality of the sector and / or company
If you look under the 'Templates' section, you can further search for a suitable template. There is a section unto itself for Project Plans, however, if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for, also look in the general deliverables section to piecemeal one together potentially.
Rajesh, I would agree with Andrew but at the same time, there is no set PMI PM Plan. You can create this and customize it to suit your project needs and ensure it is inline with the PMBOK guide which reflect, I assume, best practices.

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