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What's your top criteria for software selection ?
What do you think is the topmost criteria when it comes to selecting a PM software/package ? I know it is difficult to just quote one but I would be interested in the one thing that tops your list.

For me, it would be "Ease of scheduling". What about you ?
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I think that the quality of the schedules is much more valuable.
User flexibility for data entry, dashboard, and reporting
Dear Senthil

Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

I think the ease of preparing the schedule and then the project monitoring, that is, as Lakeisha said "user flexibility for data entry, dashboard, and reporting"
The top criteria would be that the chosen solution satisfies the needs/gaps of the organization. Those requirements would be prioritized to help with the decision process since no tool will satisfy every need.

Some independent considerations:
OOTB functionality vs. functionality through add-ons
Great Question! My company is currently going through this process right now. I believe one should consider the user friendliness, interactive dashboard and the ease to generate and update schedule.
It is dangerous to get fixated on top criteria in isolation. I prefer to use a balanced scorecard approach where criteria are grouped into different evaluation areas such as function, usability, technical alignment, vendor viability, and TCO. So a better question would be what top criteria for functionality or usability be. Your selected platform won't be much use if you focus on only satisfying top criteria that might be functional but there is no technical alignment or vendor viability.
It depends on what's important to your stakeholders. You have to define the solution scope first and then the use cases fitting within the scope along with their priorities (Must/Should/Could/Would or Won't). You'll also have non-functional requirements like cost, vendor stability, delivery mechanism, etc., that should also be prioritized.
Meeting user requirements. A good score on the "must haves" as well as hitting as many of the "nice to haves". Additionally, ease of use - not having confusing features that might cause users to need help on a recurring basis.

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