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Salesforce Implementation - Dos and Don'ts?
Hello All,

I'm currently leading a program that includes the replacement of core business systems to improve the efficiency and capability of our lead to cash processes for an enterprise level business. Through acquisitions and quick growth, our current internal systems are many and complicated. We will be working with consultants for specific products and process improvement efforts. One of the new systems will be Salesforce -- CRM and CPQ. I will be relying on consultant expertise for much of the individual project management since I have minimal knowledge on these tools.

For those who have implemented Salesforce -- do you have any key lessons learned that you could share? I've implemented major systems in the past and hoping for any Salesforce specific insights other project managers may have.

Thank you!
I cannot help with Salesforce specifics but can with CRM implementation. Most likely your first don't will be triggered by the budget. A CRM is a significant investment and one of the mitigations normally taken to keep the budget in check is a phased approach.

DON'T let integration become a victim of this. Having the right integration to ensure that you have vital access to LOB systems that will increase efficiency of your sales cycle.

DO automate as much as possible, from the outset. Again resist the urge to implement automation as a later phase. CRM systems can become heavy and cumbersome if the correct automation (workflows) are not in place.

DO focus a lot on change management. No matter what the vendor promises, their CRM is not like using a spreadsheet or other office products. Without good change management, your adoption rate will suffer and I have seen very expensive Dynamics365 implementations fail because of this.

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