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How have you used PM Skills to write and publish articles?
Many experts are intimidated by the process of publishing. Writing and publishing a book requires the meticulous attention to detail to manage the process with hundreds of details. Holding a print book in your hand is amazing proof of the process (and skills or your team to bring to fruition!).
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Hello Dr. Lentz: I guess I've used my PM skills to write and publish works as follows.....Used information from past experiences and matched that up with research to create something more solid and evidence based (similar to lessons learned). I also partnered with an expert (like Paul Pelletier) to write an article published on this site (like enterprise environmental factors). I've built presentations to share with my local PMI chapter, my company and most recently at the PMO Symposium 2019 in Denver, Colorado using my project management knowledge, experience and commitment to ethics (speaking on Workplace Bullying). To do these things, I followed project management principles and married those with my personal experiences, insight, the experiences and insight of others and of course those important organizational skills all PMs have. I have not had the pleasure of holding a printed book of mine in my hand yet, but see you have written quite a few books. How did you get started on your published journey?
Dear Cheryl
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

Although it may seem simple to write a book or article, it is a process that has much to talk about.

If we can get someone to explain the great guidelines for writing I am convinced that the rest is a matter of practice and many texts started and deleted.

In order to be able to write well, we need to put ourselves in the place of the recipients of our message and do it to their perversity.

It is a permanent exercise of empathy.

There are some project manager skills that you can use, including:
- A book is the product of a project.
- A book has a recipient (target audience) and as such has to fulfill their wishes
- Writing a book has a set of processes that have to be respected.
- Written and oral communication skills, as for project managers, are a fundamental requirement
Dr. Lentz -

Discipline, time management, understanding value through the eyes of your customer (i.e. readership), effective communication and negotiation are all PM "soft skills" which I've found useful in getting my articles published in the past.

I've taken more of an adaptive approach to writing - favoring weekly blogging since 2009 which has increased my readership over the years vs. the "big bang" waterfall lifecycle approach of writing a book.

Here's an article on writing articles:

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