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What are the career opportunities for people certified in both PBA and PMP

I have checked online and visited various content online regarding the career benifits for doing PMI certifications. however, I have not found much content on career benifit for doing a combination of certifications like PBA and PMP.
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I have both. What I did each time I decide to invest time and money to get a certification is doing my own maket research and estimations about future market demmands. PMP is indeed requeried in most of the markets (not too much in Europe). PBA is requested depends on the market.

These types of decisions are dependent upon the individual and their career plan/aspirations. Certainly, there is cohesion b/t both the BA and PM roles, and my past BA experience has been valuable in my career. GL!

Agree with Andrew.

Are there a lot of jobs where the job description identifies the need for a PBA?


I have both besides other certifications and while I mostly see a requirement for a PMP in job postings, I do not often see PBA mentioned as a requirement but there are lots of Business analysis job opportunities and in the interview you might be asked about it. CBAP through IIBA (More enterprise focused) is more known in the business analysis world than PBA (More project focused).

At the end, like Andrew mentioned, it comes down to the individual, their career and professional development goals.


Dear Shakir

Interesting question you posed
Thanks for sharing

There are many people with the same opinion of mine: "it comes down to the individual, their career and professional development goals"

Dear Shakir,
This certification always add value to your resume/career. When recruiters need to go through thousand of profiles they will look at what else you bring on table apart from the normal BA or Project Management. In such scenarios when you have those certifications you will stand out. Also, during interview you will not be asked basic questions like what is issue and risk.

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