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Delivering Projects with Demotivated Teams

The current recession had brought a lot of challenges to both companies and workers. One of the challenges is management of cash flow especially with small companies. Some companies are going for months without paying employees and yet they expect same performance. As a Project Manager you are expected to deliver with these demotivated team members. How can you motivate these team members especially if there is no communication with respect to the problem from top management?
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Interesting question. I would say by Example. You are the pm and working for that company as well. So you don't get the salary either. Be positive and show you are committed what you are doing. Point out to the others you are in the same position as them

Interested to find out what others think


Good post! I assume these three points before making any comment(1) Due to recession, hardly there are chances that team members will leave the job (2) Since there is no communication from top management, even Project Manager has fear to be sacked (3) The project is in-progress.
I would motivate my team by coaching so that they will understand the very important perspective, if we don't have special skills we are out of the job today or anytime in future, we need to identify from our job life whether we are generating value for the organization or just busy in activities. I would include the individual roles and the skills of my team members and sggest them to develop those to ensure that they are required. I personnaly feel still organizations are doing projects but only those are required who can deliver value as per the current need of the market.

So to summarize short term and long term learning plan with the current job would be key to motivate the team during recession. You should check the progress as well regularly.


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