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Project Achievements & Benefit Realization

Project achievements are important and is commonly used as the yardstick to measure and compare capabilities. However, people tend to scrutinize blots and gaps, and judge others based on tangible achievements and neglect the striving efforts to improve.

-How can individuals overcome this predicament to improve on project and career progression?
-Besides tangible achievements, how can organization and project leaders develop a benefit realization plan that is objective in accessing intangible achievements as well?
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Nov 08, 2019 11:01 AM
Replying to Luis Branco
Dear Pan
It's on the right track
I just suggest you ask for feedback and guidance from Project Owners and Project Sponsors
I am convinced it will be successful
Dear Luis, noted with thanks. Appreciate your thoughtful questions and advice.

Pang you touched on something very important on one of your responses - Culture. Culture can make it easy or difficult to recognize achievement beyond project achievements. If the culture does not promote individual achievement recognition then it is very difficult or impossible to do. Good culture should provide the means to look at individual value-added despite the project outcome. I've seen many failed projects where team members worked tirelessly to fix management problems and they are never rewarded because the project failed.
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