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PMBOK password
I have a soft copy of the fifth edition of the PMBOK guild but forgot the PW after a few years of not using it. Does anyone remember?
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This will be the same password which you have for the PMI website so if you can reset password there you can use the same. If you are still a member of PMI then you can download the PMBOOK 6 which is a latest edition.
Shawn -

The password would have been "locked" in the PDF file based on what your PMI user password was at the time you downloaded it. Even if you update your password now on, it will not dynamically update that downloaded document.

I don't know if older editions of PMI standards can be downloaded or not - if they can, you can reset your password on the website and re-download it.

Otherwise, do this and download the sixth edition as there really shouldn't be any reason to reference an older version...

Same password as your PMI login as mentioned above
You got your answer :) Let us know! (Not your p/w)
Thanks everyone for the help and now I’m downloading the sixth edition from the PMI website.

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