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Which Project Methodology to setup

We have two products that are in production. My company has outsourced their development to two different companies. With one company, we have dedicated (retained) developers that work on our tasks while with other company, currently, it is on a SOW basis. Since both products are in production, we have the usual BAU bug fixes and then we also get new development requests for additional features etc.

With the company where we have dedicated staff, we can setup regular scrum and have sprints etc. However, the same employees work on BAU items which sit more with Kanban style.

With the other company with everything is SOW, we can do scrum for new development but I am not sure how/if KanBan can be setup for BAU since it will be SOW which sits more towards a project.

I have been asked to come up with processes for the whole scenario. Currently, even though we have sprints etc, nothing is set in stone (other than resources availability which is as I set out).

What would you recommend in these scenarios?

Thank you.
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DJ -

Scrum does put a greater emphasis on a stable, dedicated team than Kanban does, but both might fit the context of your two outsourcers.

Is there any reason why the SOW-based company couldn't use a common approach (and team) for both new & BAU work? That might lend itself a little more to a Kanban approach where you could identify different classes of work priority?

I can't see any road block for using kanban and aggregate SOW and BAU in the same Board Flow, and kanban also suports regular meetings to check the work and reprioritize the user stories or tasks if is the case. But you can use Scrum to do this also, it's all a matter of work organization and flexibility. Scrum is best-suited for products and development projects. Kanban is best for production support. You could use Scrumban – which combines the best features of both – for maintenance projects.

I aggree with @kiron it will be better to use the same approach in both teams.
Thank you Kiron + Alexandre.

Unfortunately, business has decided this way so with one provider we have retained resources while we do not with the other provider.It would be great if we can use the same approach but I think not having perm resources will not allow standard scrum setup.

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