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PMO Tools (Risk, Issue, Change, Integration Management)
I work in a Progam Management Office where we are researching tools that will allow multiple projects within our Program to log issues, risks, changes and integration points.

Initially we designed an access based database application which has been extremely useful so far, but, since the program is expanding the inherent problems with access (slow response times etc) are becoming a reason for concern.

Can anyone please shed some light on any Commercial off the shelf tools that might address the issue, risk, change, and integration management logging functionality.

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I am researching the same topic, also for a Program Office, which I head up.

I have found one that looks quite good. The package integrates Workflow, Issue and problem management, version control and release management.

Take a look at the following web site
I am working with a team developing a PMO within our company. I have been seaching for a template that will report, on a high level, to management, project status. Can anyone point me in a direction to find some templates or one to use.
I will let the moderator decide if this is appropriate for the forum.

I have developed a PocketPC based product to help me manage a project office. Its focus is on high level status and issue resolution for a collection of projects. I tried several different approaches with mixed success.

The product is called the Pocket Project Office.

It can be found at
Tracking information in a PSO is probably the first and most important activity that should be taken on.

If you have developed a database, even in Access, then it should be tracking the information you want to track, and that makes it bespoke. When I ran into trouble regarding response times and capacity on several of the Access databases used in the PSO / PMO that I have set up, I've kept the front end - Access, and used a 'power tool' to store the information - something like Oracle that has lots of capacity, yet maintaining the value and ease of use by using the Access application as a front end to the storage software. Don't reinvent the wheel if you don't have to.
In relation to Roger Cloutier's request for status reporting - MS Project can be used with VBA to achieve stunningly simple automated reporting (otherwise known as Macros) - which can be used to provide status reports at project level - up to upper management and down to teams within the project - I have developed a tool in this format on MS Project 98 which outputs five different reports, but MS Project 2000 has several of these reports already built in. Also MS Project has the advantage of working with MS Access and therefore these key requirements of Issues, Risks, dependencies and change control can be managed using these two tools - which every Program/Project Office should have on the desktop. As John Zachar points out though - access especially, suffers from size problems - and the front end/back end solution is the way to go. There are several tools in the marketplace which will provide this kind of reporting - but they are extra hassle from the point of view of licensing, maintenance, upgrades etc.
Have you looked at DOORS/ERS?
I have successully used Lotus Domino to track risk, issues, and (software) changes for a project(s). I enjoyed the Web interface, which made it easy for all project team members and stakeholders to access and update and contribute to the content.
For tools, we have found that PMOffice has provided very strong integration capabilities for our enterprise. Another tool that seemed viable was Plan View. A lot of the other tools we examined were either vaporware or dod not provide both the project manager tools and the executive tools.
Enterprise Optimus version 1.0 will cover all these features.
If you are looking for a scalable tool that provides executives, line managers and project managers with the necessary information and integration with MS Project you should check out Project Office from Pacific Edge Software
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