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PMO Dashboard Template

Does offer a PMO Dashboard to track all ongoing project? Our project management office will not be large enough initially to justify any software or online services at this time. I was hoping to find a simple tracking tool, possibly in excel.


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I am personally not aware of any that is available here but you might find something under templates. You might want to take a look at PMO Value Ring Methodolgy too.

Searching here for such content isn't easy (they oughta fix that) but I'm sure such information exists somewhere on this site.
Drew, my immediate recommendation, based on your request, would be to track and chart using excel, then leverage a PowerPoint template to showcase. There are also lots of PPT templates out there on the web to garner ideas or a basis to start. Power BI is also a viable option.
Hey Drew,

If your looking for free open-source software, then 'projectlibre' is your best bet.
Estás herramientas pueden ser útiles
You can look under Downloads - Deliverable Template using the link below:

It's not easy to search for templates, here is a useful article:

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