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Have you managed projects where you never meet the customer?
I'm working for a support and advocacy organization for military veterans. The program is a digital transformation with several projects within it. The end customer is ultimately veterans who receive better services through enabling technology and staff that work in better ways to support these veterans. It just struck me that I may never meet the end customer. Have you had a similar experience?
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Keep your perspective on who the customer and who the end users are. I'd say 90-95% of the projects I've worked on over the last 30 years, I never interacted with the end users. This is especially true in large technology projects. Your direct/ immediate client is the sponsor who's got the budget and pays your bills. Even if you don't meet them face to face, you have regular interaction with them. The end users are a whole different ball game. A good example for me would be deploying a credit card platform on what is now IBMs i-Series for a bank client back in 1989. They hadn't issued any plastic yet - so I'm sure I didn't interact with the end users ('customers' in your example). Of course, your implementation had to address their satisfaction with the solution as well :)
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