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‘Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions!’
If you have not been told this so far this year, consider yourself lucky!

My question to the community, why do managers still continue to do so?
Should it stop?
If so, why and how?

Thank you for your thoughts!
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The manager should be interested to know what the problem is and involve his team to find a reasonable solution.
It would be very interesting to evaluate the several possible ways to resolve the problem. It would also help the manager to know that his team is a good team.
In my past, I was given a feedback to learn and apply "critical thinking" skills at the firm.
What the manager really wanted was to not only find 3 solutions, propose the best, and be ready to execute it - but take it a step further. To anticipate questions or actions that result from my solutions.
It's quite tiresome excercise for an untrained mind. If (1) it is your first time or (2) can't stay focused on task - you get into a rabid hole or chasing tail or get discouraged as pointless.
But who said that something great comes easy.
Organizations should have robust escalation /de-escalation policies in place. If some of your subordinate is bringing problems which he or she cannot handle with all the given resources & authority, then solutions lies with Manager. But seeking advice of possible solutions should not be problem for anyone , i think.
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