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Project manager tools... asana, Jira, smartsheets, MS project...etc
I am looking to move away from google sheets/excel and into a project management tool. Client facing projects are done in excel and ticket tracking is done in Asana.

I'm looking at smartsheets as I need to integrate with salesforce but wanted to see what other people use.
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I've only used smartsheets briefly, but I hear a lot of good things about it. I'm old school, so MS Project and Excel does the trick for me.
MS Project works the best and easy to use.
there are alot of PPM tools in the market that can be used to mange your projects but in my point of view MS Project still the best tool you can use for that purpose ..

but you can give a shoot and test the other tools as well may be it can fit for your needs.

the following url containse the best PPM tools in the market as per gartner ranking so you can check them ..
I wrote the same thing each time this question arrives with the aim to help because I was in both sides of the desk (working inside companies that sells tools and working on companies buying those tools). If you do not think that the tool has to support your defined process and process implementation then you will buy a nightmare instead of a tool.
MS Project is the most common and has many good features, however I do not know how it integrates with Salesforce, you need to check that. Also, you need to be careful of which MS Project you buy - there are several versions of MS Project and they are pretty different from each other, there are the Standard, Professional and Server versions, plus a new cloud version that looks nice but seems to lack many of the usual features.
Dear Michael
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

According to information recently collected by me Microsoft Project 2019 on the Cloud is a solution that deserves to be analyzed.
I recommend MSProject.
I see a lot of people pushing Microsoft Project. The nice thing about it is that it's an easy way to get into project scheduling. The problem with Project is that you have to spend time and training to understand its idiosyncrasies. A prime example, is understanding how task type will affect your schedule.

Project becomes less useful outside of scheduling.
MS projects top my list
Tool should address the need. What is your definition of 'project management'? If creating schedule - than MS project is the one. If you need to keep other project artifacts - than you need to look beyond just one tool.
Consider where are your minutes, RAID log, charter, etc.etc.
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