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Career Advancement - Training Opportunities
My company allocates a certain amount of money per year for training. We can choose whatever course, subject, certification, etc we see fit. I have my PMP certification and have taken a handful of courses PMI offers but want to know: What would be a good course/seminar/webinar, etc to take that would help advance my career beyond a project manager?

I have been a project manager for over 7 years and would like to start building my skillset for the next level up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Austin - It sounds like you are exactly where I was a few years ago before I started on my own personal growth journey with The John Maxwell Team. I would highly recommend that you take the Maxwell DISC Personality Type Assessment that helps you identify your key strengths and what you are good at so you can build on your skills to excel, it also helps you identify areas of improvement. You might want to study this book by John C Maxwell "15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth" that helped me get started with my own personal growth journey... it will help you reach your potential and reach new heights! Contact me at [email protected] if you would like more details or you can check my LinkedIn profile since I consistently share my journey!
I think you can do the training and certifications such as PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP, SAFe-SA , CSM to add more values in your career. You can even attend Six Sigma Green Belt/Black Belt certifications.
I'm PRINCE 2, and CSM certified and currently on PMP journey and hoping to clear my PMP by April'20. What next??
Hi Austin,
Very interesting and very privileged, there are lot of courses/certifications which are available, questions comes
1. What to choose
2. Why to choose (a specific one)

1. Take a course/training/certification to explore if that specific direction is what one like and you what to grow in that direction
2. What are the next level once you've done a course/training (like a building block)
I at one point of time took an introductory certification course of "Introduction to business analysis", only to find out that it's not what I like to do. Then I took an "agile" course/certification and found that I like this area and till date I'm continuing to spend my time/energy and money in learning and earning knowledge/certification.
The mode of training/certification be it classroom or online or seminar should not be a limiting factor, the focus should be on learning.
Technical project management, Cloud / O365 / Security are interesting future opportunities. it is better to prepare accordingly.
I'm on the same page, Austin and thanks for posting this question. I think PMI-ACP would be a better choice for me moving forward.
Hey folks, good to see such valuable insights on personal developments. I also want to proceed further in my project management credentials by having SCM. I am associated with an aviation industry and looks after the commercial agreements for business development. Would it be pertinent to undergo SCM during this juncture of my career?
Program Management could be one more good course
Austin, Adding Risk Management Professional (RMP) to your knowledge and profile will be great for your field of Infrastructure Projects. You then become the subject matter expert to be called upon for major risks decision assessment in your corporation. Thanks.
Definitely Agile certifications these days will add value to your career..
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