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Career Advancement - Training Opportunities
My company allocates a certain amount of money per year for training. We can choose whatever course, subject, certification, etc we see fit. I have my PMP certification and have taken a handful of courses PMI offers but want to know: What would be a good course/seminar/webinar, etc to take that would help advance my career beyond a project manager?

I have been a project manager for over 7 years and would like to start building my skillset for the next level up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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How about program management, portfolio management, business analysis and change management
I fully agree with Mayte, what interests you most? you can continue to progress in Project Management space Agile, Program Management etc, or move to something different space like Information Security, Service Management etc. Think on your career path and move on. All the the best!
Nov 25, 2019 6:53 PM
Replying to Kiron Bondale
Austin -

What interests you? What types of work are you passionate about? What are you curious about? What would you like to be doing within the next five years?

Once you can answer those questions and build a personal development plan based on that information, you might be able to answer your own question...

If only we start implementing what we learned thro the PMP treadmill

That's enough for a lifetime

Yes further certifications is exciting

We can keep learning and implementing and discover our passions
Nov 26, 2019 12:19 AM
Replying to Deepesh Rammoorthy
You can also train on SaFe Agilist . I would even recommend Change Management Qualifications like Prosci , AdKar ....etc to get stronger in the area of Change Management
Hi Ramamoorthy,

Can you please share more on this change management qualification as said - Prosci , AdKar

Certifications for next level up could be : ACP, RMP, or if you are getting into/plan to middle level or strategic management roles, PgMP, PfMP
You could consider taking basic courses in subjects related to your programs. For instance, intro statistic courses to better understand design, jargon, and stat decisions.

As a manager you could consider an orientation I to finance and accounts basics
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Nov 26, 2019 4:20 AM
Replying to Luis Branco
Dear Austin
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

If you have experience as a project manager and want to evolve in your career you can be sure to:
- Program Manager
- Portfolio Manager

If you want to develop skills in other project management approaches, I think the 5 AD certifications are very interesting.

You can opt for organizational transformation
It seems interesting to me the proposal of FLEX

You might want to deepen your management skills, in which case how about an MBA?

The important thing is to know where you want to go
And then, how to get there
This is a very sound plan of progression.
Hi, Austin,
Looking at work profile of your organisation, I suggest to allocate money in parts as follows
Part - I: Agile.
Part - 2: Program Management (for identified eligible candidate)
Part - 3: Portfolio Management (For identified eligible candidate and organisation requirement)

By this way you will be able to lift the knowledge base of your organisation by one level up and it would be utilisation of allocated funds.

Good Luck
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