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Construction ITP
Hi Guys,

I wonder if anyone of you has a Construction ITP template that you can share? We are currently developing one and your input and guide would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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Alain, we have several folks here in this space. From the perspective of templates, though, we typically recommend members to take a look in the templates section here. I also recommend a web search to see what is out there and potentially garner ideas for creating something within your own organization or to better suit your needs.

I personally am not in construction but found what seemed to be some good options through a web-search.

Is there anything specific in the requested template you need? What have you been able to find on your own to help better steer the community's help?
I do have ITP templates, PM me for getting the copy.
Well, there you go. Awesome. Thank you, Mujahid.

Mujahid, if the template section on this site does not currently have an ITP Template, please consider sharing yours. Thanks!
Yes, I will be sharing in the templates section.
Dear Alain
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

In my opinion, more important than templates is the quality control plan.

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