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Change management resources

Hopefully this is the right place to post this.

I was wondering if anyone here could please point me to some change management resources. I have had a look at what the Risk Management package deals with and it seems a bit different (I think?) to what I'm after.

In short, I'm a business analyst assigned to a replatforming project. Our PM had everything lined up, we have an external vendor to help with the actual platform, I've prepared the requirements and the vendor is happy with them, there is clear visibility of current vs future, etc. Yesterday we found out that the change manager who was meant to come to us for 3 months had a family emergency and won't be with us for a month. And after some discussions I kind of volunteered to do the change management work for the first month and then hand it over. The change will impact approx 250 contact centre FTE and 65 other office staff.

To be honest I saw this as a massive opportunity, but all last night and this morning reading through a sea of change management resources of all types, and it seems like there is quite a lot to it.

I was wondering (and please tell me if I'm oversimplifying this) whether anyone knows of any useful templates or guides which clearly outline key milestones or activities that I need to complete. I'm finding a lot but many resources seem to be very different.

The biggest hurdle is that I can't contact the change manager due to the nature of the problem they're having so I'm basically flying blind, so figured someone here might know the best practice. Then I can follow it the best I can and keep this change management pieces in the best shape possible until the change manager gets back.

Any resource links, or any key summaries of best practice, or anything else - please let me know, or send me links, etc.

Thank you very much.

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Dear Janson

Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

Know this practice guide published by PMI:

Another hypothesis is:

I hope this process you are involved in will be a success
Jason -

As a counterpoint (complementary but not necessarily identical), I might suggest looking at Lean Change Management ( as a potentially lighter weight alternative to a traditional ADKAR or Kotter-based change approach.

It might be a better fit if the rest of the project is following an adaptive/agile approach.

Change management is a component of configuration management. If you search for configuration management, the SEBOK (Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge) has a nice simple flow chart in it of the basic process from Blanchard and Fabrycky 1999 which is a $200 text book most people don't want to buy. Another search term would be "change management DODAF".

Change management as a whole can be very involved. Within a given organization, there can be many different change management processes depending on the nature of the change, such as whether it was a customer request or internal proposal, change prior to or post-release, do delivered products need updates as well, etc.
Massive thanks for all your help everyone.

Those resources look extremely useful so I'll be going through them tonight. I might also check with the PM and see if there is any preference of which approach I take.

Also thanks Keith for the search term suggestion, i found part of my problem is not knowing exactly what to search for so this will come in super handy.

Will keep you all updated.
Quick update, I've gone through all the resources that have been suggested (thanks again everyone), and at this point I'm going with the ADKAR approach using Luis's link above.

The PM seems happy with what I've got so far so things are looking good. I'm still undecided about the best way to structure my documentation, but at least now I have some understanding of what to look for etc.
Hello Jason,

You also have a wealth of material to peruse here on our community at

Hope this helps!
1 reply by Jason Sterling
Dec 04, 2019 3:15 PM
Jason Sterling
Thanks Kimberly, I admit that initially I probably didn't have a good enough dig through this site. Will have a look through these resources too, thank you.
Dec 04, 2019 2:54 PM
Replying to Kimberly Whitby
Hello Jason,

You also have a wealth of material to peruse here on our community at

Hope this helps!
Thanks Kimberly, I admit that initially I probably didn't have a good enough dig through this site. Will have a look through these resources too, thank you.
Ok so after going through all the resources suggested by everyone here and doing quite a bit of digging myself I found that the resources mentioned here were invaluable for me to get my head around what's involved. After hours of cramming I feel like I have at least a basic grip on things and I understand what's required and what the change manager would expect to be handed over to them after a month of work.
I ended up making my own template which I put together by merging various sections of these two docs: and

I'd like to thank everyone here for their help, I'm definitely a lot less worried about the handover now than I was a few days ago.

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