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what kinds of PM tools can be recommend to me?
as a new PM, sometimes i feel tired to control the progress of most of big projects by Excel,so ,I want to release myself by using some powerful PM tools.Is anything useful tools can recommend to me?
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Dear Yang,
Primavera is the best but you should have a planner in your team/Support team as you are the project manager no?
Dear Yang
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

I think it depends a lot on the company where you operate and the projects you run.

Have you tried Microsoft Project 2019 in the cloud?
There are other solutions:
- Trello
- Asana
- Basecamp
There are a lot of good PM software that clearly beats managing your projects via Excel.

But the answer to what is best for you and your organization is based on you doing an evaluation of the competing products -- and there are a lot of them. You can find evaluations for the top tier products on the Internet (avoid ads!) as a starting point.

Factors that will influence your preferred choice are industry that the software primarily targets (if any), cost and features that are important to you -- such as scheduling, time tracking, reporting & analytics, budgeting, etc.
Yang -

What processes or practices are you looking to automate, what is your budget, and how consistent are teams in their approach to managing projects?

Powerful tools have lots of features but without prerequisite discipline it will be garbage in-garbage out.

I’m always generally curious on these questions. Typically, my experience has been that tools or capabilities are brought in at an organizational level, so whether an individual likes the current tools or not is irrelevant.

That said, maybe there is opportunity to recommend to the organization potential solution options to be brought in. Help elicit some requirements for the new capability and loop in Enterprise Architecture, Vendor Management, Compliance, etc., to begin the formal process.

What is required from a feature perspective, what architecture (cloud vs. on-premise), integrations, etc.
interesting topic, personally, I'm using MS Project 2019, Trello and some internally developed applications
Depends on how involved your projects are but smartsheets is a useful tool if you are doing a lot of the same project over and over again. I would choose MS Project if your projects are heavily involved with many team members and components.
There are so many tools available to us, but as many of the folks highlighted it really depends on the budget, complexity, and company's culture to adopt new tools. MS Project will be a good choice to move out of Excel spreadsheets. There are tons of free/online/apps also available, and I have used several of them for my personal work. Ex. Trello, Asana, BaseCamp, Monday.

Good luck with your PM journey!

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