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Productivity tracking tools with charts and figures
Hello! Does anyone recommend a good tool or method to track your productivity by using your to do/done lists ad a guideline to present charts and figures on your daily/weekly/monthly productivity? It would be great of the tool could give me the option to see the productivity of each team member, or project phase and keep a record of it all.
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The problem you will face is the definition of productivity. You need to define productivity first. For different organizations productivity is not the same no matter there is a "standard" definition in the market. For example, for some organizations, productivity is tied to costs.
Nina -

as Sergio says, the tricky part will be defining what you mean by "productivity". If you are working on urgent but not important things, are you being productive? If you are checking your e-mail, are you being productive? If you happen to have an important watercooler conversation which helps your project succeed, is that being productive?

How many of those will show up in your calendar?

Having said that, if you still want to look for calendar analytics, a quick Google search turned up this product:


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