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Daily standup ? Can it be optional ?
I came across this article, where Hrishikesh describes scenarios where
a daily standup can become optional.

Would love to know your thoughts on this ? Can it be optional ? If yes, where, do we think it can be optional ?
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As per Scrum, and many Agile approaches, it is mandatory but in real life, everything is optional and you can really customize those meetings to suit your project needs especially if you’re working in a hybrid environment.

1 reply by Priya Patra
Dec 14, 2019 10:16 AM
Priya Patra
Awesome tailor it as per your project requirements !
Dear Priya
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

Not long ago I put in this group a reflection on the daily meeting.

Here are some opinions:
1 reply by Priya Patra
Dec 14, 2019 10:17 AM
Priya Patra
Thanks Luis for re-directing to the discussion on daily meeting !
If you are following Scrum then daily meeting is not optional. If you do not do daily meeting then you are not following Scrum. After understanding that then you can take Scrum as a basement an you can adapt it to the situation best fit for your current situation. But if you adapt it it is not Scrum. The problem is things like "Scrum Master" becomes a buzzword today but when a person is a real Scrum Master that person will show why dailty meeting is critical to add value to Scrum related process but mainly to solution creation.
Mature teams may decide that coordination/micro-planning sessions can be effectively conducted on a JIT basis in which case daily doesn't always apply. Remember that sprints are "training wheels" for a team becoming agile so questioning the frequency and approach to ceremonies is to be expected.

Not recommended to skip the standup except for rare cases as mentioned in the blog, where the team were still getting all together on other social occasions.
Rather you should think of the opposite question - where else can you institute a 15-min standup which can help align and move forward. That will help bring the power of agile to traditional approaches.
Daily stand up meetings are mandatory as per Scrum but you will need to evaluate based on your company/team/project specific needs.
Forget about the approach, methodology or framework you are following. Most people focus on this and then they do certain things because the framework says you must. If you don't then its considered blasphemy.

Instead, ask the question - does doing [insert action] the way I do it add value? If yes then great continue doing it. If not then change regardless of what the book says. Does everything start falling apart when I don't have daily standups? Then don't skip them.

Does Scrum define ceremonies like daily standups? NO! Daily standups (having been around for ever and a day) defines Scrum.
Daily standups should be one of the more valuable team meetings. If your team wants to get rid of them, I would first take that as an indicator that their standups are broken.

EDIT: I'm NOT saying that all teams need to conduct daily standups the exact same way, nor am I saying that anyone should be punished if they occasionally miss the standup. I'm merely saying that if a team thinks the standup is a waste of time, they're probably right; but it's not because standups are a waste of time, it's because there's something wrong with that team's standups.
A stand-up meeting is simply a tool to gather information. If you have an alternate way of getting the information, then the meeting is not required. The advantage of the stand-up meeting is that it is an efficient way to gather and disseminate information in a very short time frame.
1 reply by Priya Patra
Dec 14, 2019 10:18 AM
Priya Patra
Stephane thank you for your response. I have seen teams using slack - slack bot for standups. That could be the way to gather information, I doubt if that can replace the daily standup.
The daily stand-up is a minimum requirement to synchronize on your integrated team work. Not doing this minimum requirement of synchronization will lead to gaps in communication, shared understanding, adaption needs and finally in project risks.
1 reply by Priya Patra
Dec 14, 2019 10:33 AM
Priya Patra
Thanks Peter for your response.
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