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JIRA/Confluence and client documentation
Clients ask us for technical documentation for the enhancements and new functionality we roll out. Does anyone have experience exporting technical specs/solution type documentation out of Confluence in a client-friendly format or do you keep that documentation in Word? Do you open up a user story in JIRA to prepare client documentation?
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I currently do a big SAP project (via scaled agile approach - Nexus) where we use Confluence as a central documentation tool for the team. It is very flexible and it is highly integrated with Jira where you manage Epics and Stories. You can export the Confluence wiki-pages easily via pdf, word etc. From my experience the Confluence documentation platform is a much better approach as using MS-SharePoint that I used in the past.
Maggie -

In general, I recommend keeping the details (i.e. the "Conversation" based on the follow-up with stakeholders of the story "Card") in Confluence with the bare minimum info in JIRA to ensure the team understands which story they are working on and link from those stories to the appropriate wiki pages in Confluence.

If Confluence is used appropriately, it becomes the living, breathing requirements (/design/test) documentation.

Then, so long as you belong to an access role which has batch export permissions, you can export a hierarchy of wiki pages in PDF format as Peter has indicated.

Agree with Kiron above.

Also it depends on the client's requirements and any specific format they prefer?
Peter and Kiron provided go forward steps. I concur with both of them. I'd add my recommendation to avoid creating stories around documentation.

Documentation should not be an afterthought, rather incorporated as the work is completed, so like the work, the documentation is also created incrementally.
Just remember to keep documentation to what's valuable.

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